Desirable Steal Baths

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Steal baths are extremely desirable and durable which is much stronger than acrylic. For more information visit –

Marketing trends tend to come and go but one form of marketing being provided by companies and some other portable toilets and shower cabin providers offer cubicles which double as marketing units. While it may sound like a novel idea, businesses who’ve used a portable toilet or shower unit as a marketing unit say that there is something to it. As surprising and unglamorous as it might sound it seems that marketing on the side of a toilet can work wonders for your business.

The Portable toilets and portable shower cabins utilise their exterior for marketing purposes, these can already be found on business sites and at many big musical festivals and events. In fact, advertising on a portable toilet, changing room or shower works so well precisely because they’re usually hired for large gatherings and will be seen by a lot of people – millions of people, in some cases(think of the London Olympics, Glastonbury etc.).

You can imagine the exposure your company would have received if you had branded cubicles around venues for the recent Olympics. Thousands of businesses are now using portable sanitary units to promote their brand and services for this very reason. So if you’ve been struggling to think of creative ways to get your business out there why not try a marketing unit from us.



Steam Showers

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The steam shower has revolutionised the way in which we can take a shower or bath. These amazing devices come fully equipped with a mass of therapeutic and health benefits encompassed around many technical remote controlled gadgets to create a truly inspiring and relaxing experience. Once these were only available as a treat or for the wealthy, this is no longer the case with a whole range of steam showers and steam shower baths with steam shower assembly and installation at affordable prices.

Steam baths are known for their relaxation and deep skin cleansing, but steam room benefits also include:

•relief from muscle soreness
•relief from stiff joints
•immune system enhancement
•lymph detoxification
•blood circulation improvement
•sinus congestion relief

Regular use of a steam room can have an impact on your health and appearance.

Read on to understand why…

Why do you enjoy taking steam baths? Take a second to share with other readers.

  • Respiratory Benefits
  • Both sauna and steam baths are therapeutic, but the high moisture content in a steam room is especially good for respiratory problems.
  • For generations, doctors have recommended breathing steam for all kinds of respiratory issues.

Steam baths have been proven to be effective for conditions such as…

•sinusitis, and

Steam can help clear allergens and mucus from your lungs.

Vaporizers cannot compare. Why?

Because a steam room exposes you to a higher concentration of steam, making it more effective for providing relief from breathing problems; breathing passages are soothed because of increased moisture content in your lungs, throat and nose. Dr. Darrell L. Wolfe, Ac, Ph.D, wrote a good article about the therapeutic health benefits of steam rooms. A visitor of this site named Dustin swears by the benefits of steam bathing. He says it helps him stay well throughout winter time.

Skin Benefits

Nothing is better for your skin than a heavy sweat. Dermatologists recognize the value of steam in creating a beautiful, healthy glow. Heavy sweating cleanses your skin more thoroughly than soap and water. How? Because it opens your pores and allows deep-seated grime and dead cells to be flushed out; this is one reason steam baths can be helpful for acne treatment and some other skin conditions.

Also, the heat causes an increase in blood circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to your skin surface. Over time, this can help contribute to a healthy, glowing appearance.

Pain Relief

Heat has been known to be effective against joint and muscular pain. It causes your blood vessels to expand, which increases blood circulation. As a result, more oxygen and nutrients can reach damaged parts of your body. This has the double effect of temporarily reducing or stopping pain and increasing your body’s healing rate. Spend 10 or 15 minutes in a steam room after you exercise for example, and you’ll help speed up healing of damaged muscle tissue.

Stress Be Gone

Many peoples lives are filled with stress, and we all know what stress can lead to…

•high blood pressure,
•cardiovascular disease,
•migraine headaches,
•muscle tension,

…and the list goes on. Relaxing in a steam room is a great way to unwind and relieve stress. The heat tells your muscles to relax, and the cloud of steam provides the perfect soothing atmosphere for calming your mind. I can’t sit more than two minutes in a steam room and not feel completely relaxed. Have you ever taken a steam bath before bed? If so, you already know that it promotes deep, restful sleep which is so important for recharging your batteries and healing your body. Spending time in a steam room regularly can quite possibly have a noticeable impact on your health, appearance, and your state of mind.


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